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Getting and keeping more of the right customers holds the answer. And there’s a way to do that without cold calling, big marketing budgets, huge staff and hard-to-execute programs. Ignite the full potential and power of your business.

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    gift of caring

    The Most Important Gift of All

    With the holidays here, I’m dipping into the Blog Bag to pull out a few of my favorite bits of wisdom this week and next.   These mean something special to me…and I hope they will to you also. These beloved … read full post

    Tis the Season to be kind to your business

    Tis The Holiday Season

    If you’re like me, the holidays can sweep you up a bit. Cause you to lose track of where you are and what you should be doing. So as a public service…I’m just that kind of gal…I want to share … read full post

    When Customers expect a deal

    Black Cyber Green Friday Monday

    Black Friday started with Gray Thursday this year…even even leapt into action on Wednesday. Cyber Monday started on Thursday. Hondo holds a Cyber Monday sale that lasts two full weeks! And not to be outdone, American Express hands us Small … read full post

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