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    Your ideal customer is not a cheapskate

    The High Cost of Cheap

    The client balked at her price. The client problem was they weren’t booking enough appointments. Appointments led to on-going relationships. The relationships led to referrals which lead to new sales. And a new sale was worth something: at least $50,000… … read full post

    Customers and the Authentic You

    The Problem with Authenticity

    “We would never market. Marketing is about pushing people to do things. It’s not authentic, and we always want to be true to ourselves.” Chris and I agreed to do a webinar for one of our affiliate partners. The quote … read full post

    See the customer?

    Step-by-Step Guide to Your Aha Moment

    Take a look at the image to your right. What do you see? Just a neural network? Or perhaps you spotted the hidden figure. If so, you just had a moment of insight. You know, an “Aha” moment. “Aha” happens … read full post

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    5 "Do Now" Actions That
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